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Greetings! I'm Guzalia Davis, a seasoned professional hypnotist, an NLP Master, and an experienced educator. For years, I've cultivated a thriving hypnotherapy practice nestled in Columbia, Maryland, serving both private clients and facilitating sessions for large groups. My journey has been one of immense fulfillment—I've been fortunate to craft a deeply rewarding career by embracing my passion for this incredible field.

And now, I'm here to extend a hand and guide you toward a similarly fulfilling path, one that not only satisfies your passion but also offers emotional and financial rewards. Today presents an unprecedented opportunity to step into the realm of hypnotism or coaching. Thanks to the internet, you can embark on this journey right from the comfort of your own home, at a significantly more affordable cost. Gone are the days of worrying about transportation or hotel expenses, or needing to take time off from work.

If you're eager to forge a new career path, seeking financial independence, and ready to unlock your potential, you've arrived at the perfect destination. Let's navigate this transformative journey together!

The most common questions about starting hypnotherapy practice

In this place, advanced hypnosis and ancient shamanic healing converge seamlessly. I am dedicated to offering professional training that transcends conventional boundaries, recognizing that in the world of healing, these modalities are inseparable.

In our rapidly evolving world, adaptability is key. Experienced Healers understand that each modality is a valuable tool, and possessing a diverse set of skills only makes one stronger. The courses on this platform are meticulously crafted to blend together, mirroring my belief that modalities are not isolated techniques but interconnected tools for profound healing.

Whether you're answering a calling or seeking to build a career as a healer, you've found the right guide.

I invite you to delve into the offerings presented on this website. Each course is designed to stand alone as a valuable learning experience, yet their synergy becomes apparent when undertaken collectively. Clarify your goals before enrolling, and if you need guidance, please schedule a complimentary phone consultation using the form below, and I will help you strategize.

Explore the recommended sequence to enhance your skillset, foster career development, and expedite your earnings potential:

  1. Professional Hypnotist Certification Course (No prerequisites)

  2. Smoking Cessation Certification Course (Prerequisite: Hypnosis Training)

  3. Past Life Regression Certification Course (Prerequisite: Hypnosis Training)

  4. Shamanic Healing Practitioner Certification Course (No prerequisites)

  5. Ancestral Trauma Healing Practitioner Certification Course (No prerequisites)

For those starting a business from scratch, our Business Bootcamp offers insights gained from my journey – a roadmap to success that you won't have to navigate alone.

Embark on this holistic adventure, where tradition meets innovation and ancient wisdom blends seamlessly with modern reality. Your path to becoming a healer begins here.

If you are not sure about your career path and what training you may need, schedule your 15-minute strategy call below.

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Introduction to Hypnosis. Recorded at Notre Dame of Maryland University: School of Nursing.

If this is your first visit here and we haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting, allow me to introduce you to our "test drive":

Enjoy a complimentary assortment of training and healing sessions, completely free of charge and with no obligation.

Please note that your opportunity to fully immerse yourself in this experience is limited; once you log in, you'll have access for only 24 hours. Understanding the common tendency to procrastinate without a set deadline, I've carefully chosen this time frame. My intention is for you to fully embrace and benefit from this training, as I've put my heart into crafting it for your enjoyment.