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Anosmia Hypnosis Specialist Certification Course


Fall 2022 enrollment



Prerequisites: basic hypnosis skills.



  • Study the course materials at your own pace
  • Join our private Facebook Group for ongoing support
  • Attend our live online meetings
  • Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive a certificate:
  • Certified Anosmia Hypnosis Specialist



In this course you will learn:


  • How to screen potential clients

  • Effective pre-talk

  • Step-by-step session

  • How to customize the Anosmia hypnosis program for each client

  • How to market your services


What is Included:


  • Step-by-step video presentation

  • Hypnotic scripts

  • PDF hangouts to give your clients

  • Detox guide

  • Smell training guide

  • Simple energy healing techniques to teach your clients to use in conjunction with hypnosis

  • Intake forms




Anosmia Hypnosis Specialist Certification Course

Fall 2022 enrollment



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Anosmia - the loss of the sense of smell


Approximately 1 in 8 Americans suffer from some kind of smell dysfunction. It's whooping 13 million people. Approximately 3 percent of Americans have no sense of smell at all. It's such a widespread issue, yet there are very few resources available.


You can help your clients to recover their sense of smell or at least improve it to some degree. Even a small improvement makes a huge difference in the quality of life.

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